Komala Party takes case of massacring Kurds to the International Criminal Court

33 years after Khomeini's declaration of Jihad against Kurds in Iran that resulted in a massive military strike across the Kurdish regions and at the end hundreds killed by death squad, heavy bombardment and in discriminatory shooting to innocent people, Komala Party takes this case to the International Criminal Court .

The file indicates it is about time to recognize crime against humanity and mass murdering of Kurds that took place on August 18, 1979 as a symbolizing continuation of more than three decades genocide and oppression of Kurds in Iran and the perpetrators of such horrible crimes finally face the justice.

On Monday August 20, 2012, representatives of Komala Party from International Relations Bureau dropped application for justice at the International Criminal Court in Hague, the Netherland. The case clearly demands for judgment over crimes of Islamic Republic of Iran in the Kurdish regions especially at the high peak of August 18, 1979 that has been resulted in thousands death of innocent people through shilling and bombardment of cities and villages, putting to the death squad as young as 14-16 and destroying the forest and environment of Kurdistan so far. It has also been reported, this case will get forward by more meeting with related lawyers after collecting more documents regarding crimes of August 18, 1979 toward the Kurds in Iran.

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